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back to basics


Bespoke one-to–one makeup lessons and beauty classes are available at My Makeup Artist & Beauty Prices start from £50.00


• Contour & Highlight Makeup

• Defined Brow & Eye Contour

• Perfectly paired lip & cheek

• Flawless Foundation
– Correct & Conceal

• Day Time Smokey Eye

• Night Time Smokey Eye

• False Lashes

• Essential Eyeliner


lessons with a personal touch

My Makeup Artist & Beauty, offer a unique set of bespoke makeup lessons here from the Makeup Studio. All lessons will be with our Creative Director and Head Makeup Artist, Shell Sullivan. Shell is most recognised in the beauty industry for her ability to produce beautiful, flawless glowing skin. She is an advocate for skin care and a true believer of back to basic beauty.


Shell has gained lots of advance artistry skills and experience working in the Industry over the last decade and has designed a range of courses that share all her insider tips, tricks & know-how.


Her personal teaching approach is based on the 'half face' technique, whereby she will demonstrate each technique step-by-step on one half on the face and then guide (you) the client to apply make-up to the other side of the face, using the techniques you have just learned. This keeps the focus on learning through practise, and give you the confidence to recreate the looks yourself at home.


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